Months after pretending to empathize with a Harlem mother whose two sons were victims of fatal shootings, the National Rife Association's CEO Wayne LaPierre was a no-show at a rally against gun violence yesterday, continuing a pattern of completely ignoring any communication with her after the initial encounter. “I feel it’s disrespectful of him to say he was going to work with Harlem mothers, and he never answered any of our calls," Jackie Rowe-Adams told the Daily News. "That is rude and unforgettable and unforgivable.”

Rowe-Adams, whose two sons were killed by gun violence in 1982 and 1998 respectively, was introduced to LaPierre's assistant at the NRA's national conference in April, and was told by the leader, "We will talk again." But the NRA has refused to return phone calls or letters sent by Rowe-Adams, including an invitation to the rally, which NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly attended, along with Rep. Charlie Rangel. “That says that he don’t care anything about life,” she said.

But forgive LaPierre from ignoring the pleas of victims of the relentless proliferation of guns and the decimation of common-sense gun legislation: the NRA is busy preparing for the GOP convention. The group's president, David Keene, recently told one of his "reporters" that the NRA was an integral part of shaping the agenda of the Republican platform committee (the same one that chose to advocate banning abortion without exceptions for rape or incest).

The 2008 platform of the Republican party was perhaps the most gun friendly platform that any party had ever adopted, and I'm happy to be able to report that this year's Republican platform is even stronger in terms of dedicating a major party to the protection of the second amendment.

"Well that's good news I'm sure for everybody out there," the "reporter" crows. Great news for the people who reap record donations from death and lies!