Mayor de Blasio didn't personally take charge of an active crime scene this morning after a firefighter sustained nonfatal gunshot wounds, and now he's being criticized by City Hall reporters manufacturing controversy on a summer Friday, abetted by a reliably hostile police union chief and several anonymous sources with familiar axes to grind. On second thought, maybe they have a point—this is New York Fucking City and we deserve a mayor who's good with a sniper rifle and isn't afraid to kick in a door or two to advance the perception that we're safe.

Asked at a press conference why he was at a gym in Park Slope instead of doing something equally useless but more politically prudent to the matter at hand, like helping surgeons operate on a wounded firefighter or turning an armed standoff into a media circus, de Blasio told reporters it was "not a serious question" and refused to answer.

A spokesperson says the mayor was on the phone with fire and police commissioners assessing the situation at the very same time intrepid reporters were covering the dramatic scene unfolding outside the Park Slope YMCA.

But is verbal communication with the officials to whom you delegated the handling of a violent crime scene any substitute for personally zip-lining through a barricaded window with a knife in your teeth, barrel-rolling into a crouching position and opening fire with a shotgun?

Fuck no it's not, according to two anonymous "former officials" quoted by DNAinfo, in their story, "De Blasio Went to the Gym During Gang Leader's Standoff With NYPD."

“Why could anyone think it’s OK for him to be at a gym working out for two hours in the middle of the day and he is supposed to be running the city,” said "a former top official who worked closely with two mayors."

We'll never know if that "former top official" worked for a mayor who flew to Bermuda every possible weekend he could, but this is the kind of faceless criticism from a political lackey that provides valuable insight into the thoughts and desires of real New Yorkers.

Sergeants Benevolent Association president Ed Mullins, an anthropomorphic Big Mouth Billy Bass who will say bad things about de Blasio whenever you press a button on his wall mount, is the lone "critic" cited in the Daily News article "De Blasio criticized for going to gym while FDNY lieutenant was shot on Staten Island by crazed ex-con resisting arrest."

“Even the Emperor Nero attempted to put the fire out in Rome,” Mullins told the News. “If true, I am once again saddened for all New Yorkers as to the lack of leadership from City Hall. Hopefully much like the ashes of Rome, a more spectacular New York City will rise again."

Yes, Billy Bass, someday the South City will rise again. Unfortunately, according to the NY Post's indispensable "de Balsio Fail" countdown clock, the mayor still has 870 days to fiddle away at the gym, recklessly delegating law enforcement duties to trained professionals instead of fighting crime with his own hands like a real man.

He didn't even visit the wounded firefighter in the hospital until AFTER he was out of surgery. De Blasio hates the FDNY and must resign.