2006_07_subwaygrate.jpgFile this under "What is the MTA thinking" - and we know that file is the big, expanding accordian kind! The MTA is using plywood to cover subway ventilation grates at what amNew York calls "flood-prone" lines in Queens. But the thing is, the planks could be dangerous, as they don't allow for any, you know, ventilations from smoke and fumes. The Queens Borough President's office echos concerns the union has about the planks, saying that firefighters use grates for access into the tunnels. The idea of boarding up grates may sound good for high heels or better for preventing subway stoppages, but it also sounds like the MTA is creating a subway platform pressure cooker to cook us in.

Other cool subway news from AMNY: TransitCheks will be transitioned to plastic debit cards for use at vending machines starting next year. It's overdue, especially as the MTA has closed down so many token booths.