WTC leasholder Larry Silverstein and the Port Authority are suing comapnies for withholding funds which are keeping them from starting work on the World Trade Center. Naturally, in surance companies don't want to pay out, but to prevent the building of something as symbolic as the new World Trade Center sounds like a PR disater. And the construction union members rallied in support of the lawsuit - one carpenter told NY1, "The question everywhere I go is, ‘What's going on with Ground Zero?’ It's gotten to the point where it's embarrassing that there isn't any progress." And that goes for all New Yorkers, too. Does that mean the cornerstone was moved too soon?

And now that a revised plan for the WTC Memorial has been put out for the public to digest, families are fighting to have the names of victims organized by affiliation (like the company they worked for). You can see the graphic showing the plan here. Originally Mayor Bloomberg and Governor Pataki supported designer Michael Arad's random display of names, but the victims' groups want the name matter to be resolved before construction. The NY Times reports that families could wish to names not to have an affiliation. Also, the fire union did not disagree with the affiliation-based naming plan, "[as long as the names are arranged] as they functioned and died: by division, battalion, unit and rank, with their badge number listed with their name." Well, before there can be names put on the memorial, there needs to be money to build it.