The Jets - and Mayor - caught a little break when a judge found their bid for the West Side railyards was in fact legal yesterday. State Supreme Court Justice Herman Cahn thought that the MTA acted legally with its last minute (well, last minute for a good chunk of midtown NYC real estate) auction, and knocked down lawsuits from Cablevision and other public interest groups who claimed that the MTA took a low bid. Now, the fate of the proposed $2.2 billion stadium AND CONVENTION CENTER is in the hands of three men in Albany, one decidedly for the plan (Governor Pataki) and two who are hinting that they (Assembly Leader Sheldon Silver and Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno) will postpone the vote on whether or not public funds can be used to for the stadium's building. Of course, that makes the Mayor mad, but since it's hundreds of millions of dollars at stake. Hey, Pataki, Silver and Bruno - while you're at it, where the hell are the billions owed to NYC for the public school system?

Read the decision here.

Photograph of Jets President Jay Cross by Newsday; at least he can smile for one day