2005_06_courthouse.jpgA clerk at the Manhattan federal courthouse was arrested for selling pot - at work. The Post calls Nicholas Morales "dopey" and says that a witness from the U.S. Attorney's office posed as a buyer.

The witness pretended he needed help researching cases when he first met the clerk in March — and quickly learned from another researcher that Morales was a pot supplier, court papers show.

The two spoke several times over the next six weeks, and on June 3, Morales allegedly sold the witness 11 "dime bags" of pot in exchange for $100.

The deal went down in the bathroom, and Morale also told the witness, "not to smoke around here" and recommended smoking up in a park instead. Hee - even though cops are less concerned with busting pot smokers, it's probably not a great idea to toke up with so many officials in the midst.