You've seen Court TV's new campaign around - taxi cabs have signs that say "Getaway Car" and posters say "The Cover Up." But it seems the sidewalk posters - "The Perp Walk" - are on the wrong side of law, as the Department of Transportation is saying they are investigating whether or not the ads are in violation of city law. That's right: If unscooped dog poop is in violation of city law, then you better believe advertisements are as well. Of course, this is reminiscent of Microsoft's butterfly decals in 2002 that the city deemed vandalism - hey, it's like Graffiti Friday here at Gothamist! While Newsday interviewed a few passers-by ("Actually, I think it kind of makes the street look dirty" - well, sure, since you're getting the yellow posters dirty, instead of seeing dirty on greyish concrte) who weren't that impressed, Gothamist has to say we love the spirit behind the Court TV campaign, because who doesn't appreciate a perp walk every now and then? And what's funny is that one of the outdoor advertising vehicles is an umbrella, but that must be since the head of Court TV thinks umbrellas are cool.

It looks like the ads were designed by Trollback and you can see all of Court TV's redesign work here.