Last year, a former NYPD officer sued the department for firing him, claiming that he was canned because a woman claimed he had flashed her. Owen Hopper argued that he could not have exposed himself to her, because she claimed her flasher was uncircumcised, but Hopper himself is circumcised. Now, a NY appeals court has upheld Hopper's dismissal.

Hopper had also claimed that he wouldn't have exposed himself to a woman at the stationhouse that has surveillance video. He also took offense that his hearing officer never got an expert opinion about circumcised vs. uncircumcised penises and only used his "personal expert opinion on how penises may appear when erect."

However, the Daily News reports, "The state Appellate Division sided with the NYPD hearing officer, who recommended he be canned for that and another incident where his weapon was unsecured. He’d once left his gun in a backpack in a college library."

So, here's the lesson: Junk and guns, bad; breasts, good.