A couple and their puggle can be just so adorable together... until the humans break up and the pup is left in the middle of a fido fued. 37-year-old Mark Granquist of Staten Island sued his ex-girlfriend Audrey Hesselberg last year when she wouldn't return their dog, named Benjamin. He said he simply wanted his "buddy" back, but Hesselberg said the dog was a gift from him to her while they were dating.

While Benjamin usually lived with Granquist, there were allegedly a few times Hesselberg would take the dog to her own home. The last time she did this she never returned with him, and broke off her three-year relationship with Granquist just days later!

According to SI Live, a judge just determined that Hesselberg is the established owner, after she proved that she cared for and fed Benjamin, on top of being the one who purchased his license and a microchip for identification. The poor guy is pictured on the site holding up his cell phone with a photo of his beloved puggle as the wallpaper :(