2006_07_laghouses.jpgThe bludgeoned bodies of married couple Cecilia and Carlos Ruiz were found by the wife's daughter, Maritza Valpais, yesterday morning - the police want to question Valpais' fiance. Cecelia Ruiz had told Valpais that her fiance Angel Quinones was staying at their apartment Thursday night in the LaGuradia Houses, saying, "He's here. He's drunk. He's staying here overnight." The Daily News says Quinones had been arrested for stalking another woman and was on bail; the Post reports that the police believe he is unstable. Neighbors say they saw Valpais and Quinones go to the Ruizes' apartment around 11PM, heard arguing, and then saw Valpais leave. Valpais, for her part, said, "He and my mother got along well. My parents loved him."

The couple (Cecilia was 66, Carlos 70) had married almost two years ago and would have celebrated their second anniversary next week. Their neighbors were extremely shocked, calling them "wonderful" and saying, "We want the person who did this caught."