A mentally disabled man was found living with his parents' corpses after he called police to their Hollis Hills home. Stuart Zimmer, a 61-year-old whom neighbors described as mentally handicapped, had been living with his elderly and infirm parents for the past year. Officials suspect his father, Phillip Zimmer, died about a week ago, and his mother, Lillian, died on Monday. However, Stuart Zimmer didn't call the authorities, and by the time cops arrived yesterday, the bodies had decayed.

Stuart Zimmer had been taken for psychiatric evaluation, but police do not suspect any foul play. One neighbor told NY1, "I just think, given his mental state he just couldn't face it. That's my guess. He just couldn't face it. And, couldn't call the police." But one neighbor, Marlo, told the Daily News that Stuart tried to stop him from seeing them last week. "He said, 'He's [Phillip] in bed; he can't walk.' He wouldn't let me in," said Marlo.

Phillip Zimmer, 88, retired after running a Lower East Side jewelry store, and had lived in their Hollis Hills house for 35 years. His wife had been bedridden for the past few years. One neighbor said of Stuart, "He kind of reminded me of a hermit; with the long grey beard and the long hair." Police say when Stuart finally called 911, he simply told them his parents weren't breathing.