Remember when State Sen. Hiram Monserrate (D-Queens) was charged with allegedly assaulting his girlfriend so badly that she had a black eye and stitches? That was last December, and the next month, the State Senate stripped him of the extra money he received for chairing the Consumer Protection Committee and of the chairmanship itself. Monserrate was later indicted on felony assault charges (also maintaining his innocence), but that doesn't matter to the State Senate: The Daily News reports that his chairmanship and $12,500/year chairman's stipend was "quietly reinstated...State Senate sources say the check was cut after Monserrate was secretly reappointed to his position as chairman of the Consumer Protection Committee. Sources said the move to reinstate him was likely part of the deal to bring the Queens Democrat back into the fold after he sided with Republicans in the June 8 coup that paralyzed the Senate for a month." Excuse us—we need to take a shower.