In Congressional testimony in Washington D.C. yesterday, deputy NYPD commish Richard Falkenrath told lawmakers that he wakes up every morning braced for another terrorist attack. The method of attack? Simultaneous detonation of satchel bombs. Falkenrath, who was testifying in front of the Homeland Security Committee on a mass transit bill, also told House members that there have been 22 bomb threats and 31 leads related to subway attack plots this year. The proposed bill would set aside $4 billion for subway and rail security, including $100 million for tunnels in Penn Station.

While Falkenrath approved of the $100 million for Penn Station, there were plenty of things he didn't like in the bill:

"Since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, the field of homeland security has been gripped by a mania for plans, strategies and other mandatory reports. They are of almost no value to operating agencies in the field; and they seem to be ignored by virtually everyone except the government contractors paid to verify that the reporting requirements have been met."

Representative Peter King said that the statements had "a tremendous impact" given Falkenrath's former work with the federal government.

In other transit news, running the Staten Island Ferry has gotten a lot more expensive recently. The city's Independent Budget Office released a report showing that ferry costs this year are $83.8 million, up from $69.4 million last year. Just 5 years ago, the operating cost was just $40.2 million. Most of the reasons for the huge increase are for safety and security. In addition to post-9/11 security upgrades, there are also increased costs for new rules established after the ferry crash in 2003.

Photo of the police during the no pants ride by icopythat on flickr