He may be working on rehabbing his strained quad but Yankees star Alex Rodriguez is either about to settle for a suspension or face a possible lifetime ban from MLB over his relationship with a Miami clinic that offered HGH to athletes.

Last month, it was rumored he could face a 100-game suspension. Now The Daily News reports, "Armed with voluminous evidence they believe would warrant lifetime banishment, Major League Baseball officials hope to know by Monday if Alex Rodriguez will agree to a deal that would effectively end the Yankee third baseman’s career but possibly preserve a big portion of the remaining $100 million on his contract. If Rodriguez and his representatives reject a deal, the embattled superstar’s suspension could be announced as early as late Monday or Tuesday. A source close to Rodriguez said the player was sticking to his story that he has done nothing wrong and was unwilling to cut a deal."

A-Rod and the Yankees have been publicly squabbling about whether he can return to the game while he's recuperating from injuries. Conspiracy theorists say the Yankees' reluctance may have something to do with insurance while A-Rod haters say he just wants to cash out.

Apparently Rodriguez could be banned for life if he doesn't accept the settlement. And the settlement sounds pretty good: "According to a source familiar with the discussions between MLB officials and A-Rod’s representatives, if Rodriguez accepted a settlement that would call for him to be suspended for the rest of this year and the entire 2014 season without pay, he would still have a chance to collect the $60 million the Yankees would owe him from 2015 to 2017."