Midtown bus riders will now get to enjoy the luxury granted only to L train commuters up until now—knowing exactly how long they'll have to wait at their stop with convenient nearby countdown clocks. Eight LED screens have been installed across 34th street, giving riders arrival times for the M34 and M16 buses. The project costs the city nothing since a technology company donated the screens and buses are already equipped with GPS. Mayor Bloomberg pointed out that the technology is "similar to that used to track military vehicles in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

A similar program was attempted for buses on First and Second Avenues in 2007, but was discontinued after being plagues with inaccuracies after only four months. The new clocks are said to have worked fairly accurately on their inaugural day, despite having to deal with a cavalry of NYPD cars blocking the bus laneacross 34th. The Post also noted some slightly off arrival times during Bloomberg's press conference.

Bloomberg said, "Knowing when the next bus is due will let you decide if you have time to duck into a coffee shop before it arrives, or allow you to let people who are waiting for you know what time you'll be showing up." Bloomberg said he wants to have countdown clocks installed on all subway lines as part of his Move NYC plan.