The E and G lines are the latest subway lines to get countdown clocks installed at every station, according to a press release from the MTA.

Following the appearance of countdown clocks all along the C, the E and G are the most recent lettered lines to get the clocks in every station. According to the press release, the installation of the clocks is part of the $800 million subway improvement plan that was introduced earlier this summer, specifically as part of the effort to improve communication with train rides.

Unlike previous countdown clocks, these and the clocks on the C, E and G lines work by having two Bluetooth beacons on the trains themselves communicate with beacons on the station platform. This, according to the MTA, makes it cheaper and easier to install the clocks.

"The days when customers on our lettered lines are forced to peer down a subway platform looking for headlights will soon be over," MTA chair Joe Lhota said in a statement. A statement which really kind of misses the magic of living here long enough to develop that habit. Or maybe that habit has just become so ingrained in me that I've convinced myself that it's good. Living here long enough will do that to you for all sorts of things people would otherwise call bad, which is I guess why they call it "Big Apple Syndrome."