The 7 train has been besieged by bedbugs, vicious weather conditions, and other unidentified junk, and it's still been commended as the best-functioning subway line in NYC. So of course that means the MTA is planning on shutting it down for eight weekends next year for repairs. Because they can rebuild it. They have the technology. They have the capability to make the MTA's first fully-functioning subway line.

The MTA says in a press release that there are much-needed repairs on the line that will require weekend service shutdowns between Manhattan and Queens over the course of five non-consecutive months. That will include the replacement of entire panels of elevated tracks and the reconstruction and fortification of the storm-damaged Steinway Tunnel that links Queens and Manhattan.

One of the other major reasons for the work is that the MTA wants to implement an updated communications-based train control system (CBTC), a modern signaling system that "replaces the existing 50- to 90-year-old signal system and allows for trains to run more reliably and frequently, thereby increasing line capacity and preventing problems associated with old equipment."

The new system is expected to be ready to launch in 2017, with more countdown clocks across the entire line. So at least there's some good news here.

Also, Mets fans need not worry about the shutdown affecting their commutes to games next summer—the MTA is skipping the months of May-September, which means it may only be a problem for fans if the Mets end up in the World Series again (and really, what is the likelihood of that happening again!?) (No, it likely? Please tell me if you know.) (I really really do hope it's likely).

Check out all the weekends it'll be shut down in 2016 below.