The DOT only just gave word that they would be expanding the popular bike lanes on First and Second Avenues up to 59th Street, so is it any surprise they aren't rushing to tell the world about their plans to bring the lanes all the way up to 125th Street? Of course not. But that doesn't mean those terrorist lanes won't be threatening Harlem soon enough. Maybe as early as next year!

Yesterday City Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito Tweeted that the new bike paths "are well on their way as confirmed by DOT." She "thought it was old news," but it caught a few by surprise. All that the DOT wants to say about the theoretical lanes is that "We continue to discuss this with the community, but at this time no determination has been made." Which is really just another way of saying "can't you all leave us alone until we've shown our plans to the Community Boards?" Because that is what Mark-Viverito says is next. She says that lanes all the way up to 125th could happen in the next year or so.

Assuming the theoretical lanes are real—and we suspect they are and that at least Marcus Samuelsson and his Red Rooster bikes are rooting for them—the big question will be how exactly the DOT decides to lay them out. Right now the First Avenue bike lane is protected until 49th Street but is shared from there to 57th (on Second Avenue it is a shared lane from 57th to 34th). Which ever way, we're sure the DOT will show their terrorist cards soon enough.