As we all know, parking spaces are a precious commodity in this city, one that will become even more precious after Mayor Bloomberg increases parking prices throughout the city next year to appease the budget Gods. But Councilman David Greenfield has got commuters' backs: he has proposed legislation to cut down the “no parking” zone from the longstanding 15 feet to just 10 feet. He also wants to require city workers to paint markings to the left and right of all fire hydrants. “The original 15-foot rule was issued so that fire trucks could parallel park next to hydrants. But those trucks don’t have time to parallel park, they just pull up next to the hydrant. So they don’t need a huge amount of space,” Greenfield told Brooklyn Paper.

This year in Brooklyn, nearly 120,000 tickets were dished out for parking too close to a hydrant. An extra five feet on either side of a hydrant would create at least four additional parking spaces per block. Commuters should feel honored to have Greenfield advocating for this issue, for what you may not realize is that Greenfield is the King of Propositions: he's proposed mandatory registering for all bike riders, he's proposed banning TSA scanners at all NYC buildings, and he's proposed making the print larger on voting ballots, among other things. David Greenfield has yet to meet the piece of legislation he cannot propose, and when he finally does meet the feisty legislation he cannot have, he'll probably fall head-over-heels in love with her, like a red-tape version of Good Luck, Chuck.