When he's not single-handedly chasing down scofflaws who dump their personal trash in public receptacles, City Councilman Peter Vallone likes to hit the beaches of New Jersey and save lives. In an incident that seems like it was cooked up by a high-profile P.R. firm working for an ambitious politician, Vallone says he and his brothers rescued two young girls from the "raging" waters of Long Branch, on the Jersey Shore, on Saturday. "The ocean was crazy rough all day," Vallone tells DNAinfo, and the beach had been closed all day. But around 5:30 p.m., a group of children wandered into the surf, and two young girls were swept away.

“I threw my paper down and I sprinted as fast as I possibly could down to the water,” Vallone, who worked as a lifeguard in his youth, recalls. “I honestly can tell you that it felt like the cavalry coming," says his brother Perry Vallone. "It looked like he was running on the water." Vallone and his brother Paul were able to rescue the 8-year-old girl, who "was about 10 feet away from being smashed by the rocks off the jetty," while Perry rescued the 12-year-old. They received a standing ovation from bystanders on the beach, at which point sources say Vallone turned water into wine for everybody.

On his Facebook page, Vallone wrote, "Holy crap my brothers and I just had to save 2 girls swimming after the beach closed and lifeguards were gone scary stuff but everyone's ok thank God Keep an eye on your kids people the ocean is nuts right now and don't swim without the guards!" And while Vallone's brother says the Councilmember can walk on water, his other Facebook friends say he's more like Superman. Of course, not everyone was impressed. "It took three Vallones to save two girls? Weak," opined attorney Ron Kuby.