City Councilman Larry Seabrook, who was accused of funneling hundreds of thousands to himself and relatives in various ways, including doctoring a receipt for a $7 bagel to be a $177 bagel receipt, was convicted today and immediately thrown out of office. This was the second trial against the Bronx Democrat, whose trial last year ended in mistrial.

Federal authorities claimed Seabrook directed more than $1 million in discretionary funds to finance nonprofits that inflated their rent claims to the city, and paid his girlfriend, his brother, sisters and nephews $500,000 in salaries and consulting fees; laundered money through political clubs and using the cash for credit card bills, airline tickets to Florida, books, parking fines, and flowers for his sisters. He also shook down a business making boilers for the new Yankee Stadium for $50,000. He also gave his girlfriend as director of a non-profit, even though she wasn't qualified to do so. Capital New York explains:

Seabrook, a former assemblyman, state senator and adjunct professor, had a lengthy history of misusing public and campaign funds, sometimes in ways that were technically legal but nevertheless ridiculous, as when he claimed public matching funds for a Council campaign in 2005 on the basis that his basically penniless Republican opponent might conceivably get funded by Michael Bloomberg. (The New York City Campaign Finance Board rewrote some if its rules about matching funds because of Seabrook's tactics that year.)

Seabrook said today, "I continue to have faith in God, faith in the system, faith in my attorneys and faith in where we're going to go and my wife and my family, that I continue to have faith, continue to believe in the system and I'll prepare myself for whatever is next." He remains free on bail, and his lawyers said, "We respect the jury's verdict. We don't agree with it but we respect it. And we're going to do everything we can to pursue Mr. Seabrook's legal rights and remedies from this point on."

NYC Department of Investigations Commissioner Rose Gill Hearn said, "This conviction ends Larry Seabrook’s power to channel the flow of taxpayer funds to himself, his family, and his cronies. He was a master of diversion and misdirection undone by a dedicated team of City investigators and federal prosecutors and called to account by a jury of his peers. His career as an elected official is over, and his life as a convicted felon begins." And City Council Speaker Christine Quinn said Seabrook exhibited "a galling abuse of the trust."

Seabrook remains out on bail; he faces up to 20 years for each of his 9 convictions.