City Councilman Miguel Martinez, who represents 10th Council District which includes parts of Washington Heights, Inwood, Marble Hill, has issued his resignation; CityRoom reports that his letter read, "Dear Speaker Quinn, Effective today, July 14, 2009, I am submitting my resignation to the New York City Council." Martinez has been under investigation by the U.S. Attorney's office for funding to a non-profit group; in March, the NY Times wrote, "The Upper Manhattan Council Assisting Neighbors, [which helps] small businesses and underserved Latino, immigrant and low-income people [in upper Manhattan]...received little city money until 2006, after Mr. Martinez’s sister, Maria Martinez, joined the board. Since then, the group has received more than $1.4 million in City Council funds including more than $400,000 sponsored directly by Mr. Martinez." Martinez has reportedly cut a deal with the feds to avoid prison time; the Post notes he is "the first elected official to be done in by the Council's slush fund scandal."