Just when we'd forgotten all about Google Buzz, along comes a funny stupid intern story to remind us of its existence. Like the tinkerbell guy and the Manhattan Borough President's aide before her, Marissa Runco is the latest casualty of social network oversharing. Until yesterday she was a part-time paid intern for Brooklyn City Councilman Vincent Gentile. But her world came crashing down this week when she got caught bitching about her boss's constituents on Buzz.

"Only Brooklyn constituents could make mondays suck more than normal," she declared in July. "i dont care that your neighbor's tree has leaves falling into your yard, I dont want to makes 15 phone calls for you cause you cant figure out how to call department of social services yourself." Another time she tried to explain how dysfunctional city government is: "Why dont you get that city council has no power please just leave me alone." And finally, just to make her contempt abundantly clear, she buzzed, "I hate you constituents. You're stupid."

Somehow the Daily News discovered her rants and showed them to Gentile, who promptly sent her packing. "If I had known this, I probably would not have put her on staff, because obviously constituent service is a high, high priority in my office," he told the tabloid. "I want to prove to people that they can fight City Hall. We may not always hit a home run but we'll go to bat. So a sentiment like this cuts against that." Note how there's nothing in that statement denying that his constituents are stupid and loathsome!