Everyone's favorite Mark Twain-hating city councilman Charles Barron is upset that Libyan despot Moammer Gadhafi was killed at the hands of his own countrymen last month. "One person's horrible person can be another person's hero," he told the Daily News. Barron spoke at a memorial service for Gadhafi last week, presumably attended by representatives from Just for Men Gel and the treasurer of the Condi Rice Fan Club.

Barron, a former Black Panther member who chairs the city's Higher Education Committee, has previously hosted a reception for Zimbabwe's cruel dictator Robert Mugabe and lauds Venezuela's Hugo Chavez. "Like Nelson Mandela and Robert Mugabe, [Gadhafi] is an African freedom fighter," Barron says. "America hates strong African leaders who are not afraid of them."

But what about the Lockerbie bombing, which has been traced to Gadhafi's intelligence agents? And the fact that Gadhafi murdered countless Libyan citizens? "There's no evidence linking him to that. Moammer Gadhafi didn't kill near these killers." While it's a shame that Barron praises Gadhafi, this is his right as a US citizen, and in New York City we tolerate—LOOK! Gremlins 2 is screening at BAM this month!