According to numerous reports, Mayor Bloomberg has agreed to issue the $400 property rebate checks to homeowners, a win for the City Councilexcept that in exchange for the checks, the Council agreed to raise both the property tax (by 7%) and hotel room tax. The Staten Island Advance says, "If the city's Department of Finance begins printing them immediately, homeowners should receive their rebate checks shortly after the new year, around the same time they will get their new property tax bills." The NY Times also adds that Bloomberg will not cut $20 million from the budget and some Council members expect to vote on the agreement today (though they warned that the deal could collapse). Some numbers: The property rebate checks cost the city $256 million; raising the property taxes to 7% in January (instead of June, as previously planned) means an additional $600 million for the fiscal year; and the hotel room tax hike brings an additional $100 million between March 2009 and June 2010.