Until we get Sarah Palin on the line, we'll have to settle for Skeletor Ann Coulter to provide an even crazier soundbite to gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino's already crazy statements about homosexuality. Her opinion? The whole thing was basically a "when in Rome" situation. She told Bill O'Reilly, "He's speaking to Hasidim...It's like going to Chicago. You say ‘Go Cubs.'" And she would know a thing or two about telling your audience what they want to hear.

Paladino later clarified that he doesn't dislike gay people, just gay marriage, the gay pride parade and children knowing what "gay" is. But Coulter said that shouldn't be a problem, and told FOX News that "someone on this network should [defend him]." Surprisingly, O'Reilly was the voice of reason, telling Coulter, "The bottom line on this is, I think everybody but you in the world agrees this isn't gonna help the guy." At least it can't get any worse for the Cubs.