Forget shoes, bras and cats—if you're truly serious about smuggling drugs, real criminals know there's only one way to do it. In and of itself, smuggling drugs in your anus isn't that remarkable. But you know what is? Setting a record for most bags of heroin hidden in your anus!

And that will be alleged Bloods gang member Rasoul Speight's claim to fame for now. According to a police release (note the URL: "heroinbutt"), Speight was pulled over during a routine traffic stop on the Palisades Interstate Parkway on Thursday. Cops thought they smelled marijuana, and asked to search the car; although they found nothing, outstanding traffic warrants popped up for both Speight and his passenger, Gary Sylak.

Both men were arrested, and during a more invasive search at the police station, Speight “was found to be in possession of 100 bags of heroin which were concealed in his anus and undetectable at the scene.” Cops estimated the heroin’s vale at $1000 in NYC, and $2000 in upstate New York, “where both subjects were traveling to.”

It's The Smoking Gun—purveyors of the finest butt smuggling stories this side of The Onion—who say that Speight had claimed the new record. Now the question is who is going to bottom top Speight?