Now that Rep. Charles Rangel has been censured by the House for ethics violations, the question is whether he'll keep the Harlem Congressional seat he's held since 1970. The Daily News' Gatecrasher reports that apparently lame duck Governor David Paterson's name has been bandied about as a possible replacement: Even in spite of Paterson's baggage, a "Washington Insider says 'speculation around David has become hotter' over the last few weeks."

Pros for Paterson: He wants a job; he lives in the same building as Rangel; his dad is good friends with Rangel. Cons: Well, where do we begin?

The other gossip is that Assemblyman Keith Wright could replace Rangel. Wright told Gatecrasher, "I've always made it a point of saying that if and when Congressman Rangel is no longer a member of Congress, I would love to be considered for the job," but added, "With over 81% of the vote in the general election... Charlie Rangel still has the support of Harlem in an overwhelming fashion. He hasn't lost the faith of his constituents."