2004_09_wdalai.gifOccasionally we field questions here at the Gothamist newsdesk. Here's one hot out the inbox:

Care explaining, oh gods of Gothamist Weather, how the resurection of Ivan is possible?

Very weird. How often does something like this happen?

You heard us right: Ivan, having slammed into the Caribbean, teetered on the edge of bringing down the City that Care Forgot, kicked Gulf Shores in the crotch, and churned its knappy ass through the eastern United States triggering floods that gave us a particularly memorable weekend at the airport...well, he's back.

Son of Ivan, aka Tropical Storm Ivan, is expected to strike near Galveston, Texas sometime later today:

The decision to rename the system Ivan was not taken lightly, said a meteorologist at the National Hurricane Center.

"We made a careful analysis and determined this is a remnant circulation of Ivan," meteorologist Richard Knabb said. "We had to go back through several days of satellite imagery and other data to make sure."

As for other hurricane juniors? Yep, it has happened--and pretty recently, too:

...the remains of Category 5 Hurricane Mitch, which dissipated after hammering parts of Nicaragua for five days in 1998, crossed Central America and re-formed in the Pacific, where it was again named Mitch, Knabb said.

There you go, grasshopper. Now Gothamist will turn her attention to amassing a master list of all of the cheesy names for Ivan II. (T-Ivan? Anyone? Anyone?)

For those who still refuse to believe that Mother Nature believes in reincarnation, you may want to consider that, this hurricane season, she has come out as a staunch Democrat (via MetaFilter).