Sweet fancy Moses, MTA Chairman Peter Kalikow might leave the MTA to take a job as the head of the Real Estate Board of New York, the big real estate lobbying group! Sources tell the Daily News that Kalikow, a real estate developer in his own right (his MTA salary si $1), would only leave after securing Second Avenue Subway funding. Someone in the federal government - fund that project!

Likely future governor, Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, is no fan of Kalikow and wished that Kailkow would step down from the chairmanship after being re-appointed earlier this summer - but Kalikow is not one to step down. If Kalikow has a great relationship with Governor Pataki now and this is how things are running, we'd hate to see what would happen under Spitzer.

But, as the sources say, Kalikow will only leave when he feels his job is done. We can hope and pray!