The mess surrounding Caroline Kennedy's non-appointment to the U.S. Senate helped tank David Paterson's brief tenure as governor—so now she's reportedly being eyed as the next ambassador to Canada, eh. Tread carefully on this choice Obama, we don't want sweet Caroline to miss the unveiling of the Titanic II!

Kennedy (whose parents, JFK and Jackie O., you've maybe heard of?) is in the running thanks to her dependable help working and raising money for both Obama campaigns. And she would certainly bring some serious star power to the Ottawa appointment. Still, if Kennedy, whose last big public event was working the 100th anniversary of Grand Central, does get the gig it probably won't be for a little bit. Obama has some other cabinet posts to decide on before figuring out who will replace the current ambassador, David Jacobson.

Other names being bandied about for the gig include former Washington governor Christine Gregoire, former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm, former Montana governor Brian Schweitzer, former Maine senator Olympia Snowe and Detroit mayor Dave Bing—all of whom have a smidge more intimate knowledge of the U.S.-Canada border relations. Betcha a loonie one of them gets the job before Kennedy does!