0807antigrope.jpgWould an anti-groping ad campaign provoke more frequent bad behavior in New York's pervy subway sleezes? Following last year's study by Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, transit officials began working on a public awareness campaign to stop the offenders; the study found 63% of respondents have been sexually harassed and 10% reported having been sexually assaulted in the subway system. The NY Post reports on concerns that have stalled the campaign.

Anti-groping campaigns have been launched in cities such as Boston [pictured], where trains and buses are adorned with posters bearing such slogans as "Rub against me and I'll expose you," and "Flash someone and you'll be exposed." The number of reported groping incidents there did rise with the campaign, officials said. Boston police said there were 38 incidents reported through June of this year compared with 17 during the same period last year.

However, anti-harassment organizations have been pushing for the ads to go public, saying that it would educate straphangers and make the subways safer. Most of all, there would likely be an increase in reporting the deviant behavior if the campaign ran; even in Boston the rise in incidents is attributed to victims speaking up. Until the ads reach the subway system, however, keep reporting any raunchy riders you encounter to the NYPD, and visit Holla Back New York to post cameraphone pics of the pervs!