Richard Zimmer used to be a costumer on CBS's Person of Interest but after a director unapologetically told him a jacket was "too gay" he just couldn't take it anymore! And now he's suing! And we desperately want to see the jacket!

According to papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Zimmer felt harassed when a director on the show, Peter Soldo, rejected a jacket because it just wasn't straight enough. "Zimmer said when he complained about Peter Soldo’s comment last November to the director’s boss, Soldo was unrepentant—pointing to the jacket and saying, 'Look at it.'"

Apparently that was too much for Zimmer who then complained some more, only to have his concerns fall on deaf ears. So he quit his job and is now suing for unspecified damages. Warner Bros., which produces the show, isn't commenting on the story and we haven't been able to reach Zimmer to find out what the jacket was... so we've collected a few of our favorite "gay jackets" from eBay, above! We really hope it was one of them.