2007_06_katz.jpgCarla Katz is a smart lady. After, well, years of speculation about her relationship with NJ Governor Jon Corzine and the recent revelation that Corzine gave her a settlement worth $6 million after they broke up, Katz, an influential union leader, decided to talk. And she spoke to none other than the Post's Cindy Adams.

Katz tells Adams that she and Corzine are still good friends and that she was not given a settlement because she has information about him. Corzine gave her the money and gifts because he loved her, with Katz explaining:

"I'm speaking out only because I need to clear my name. I don't want this to hurt me with my union. I'm doing this 25 years. I care deeply about my members.

"The point is, even when we were together, there was always jealousy that I might be too influential but now people are putting a knife in my back. Characterizing me as a gold digger.

"Look, I'm from Paterson. My father was a factory worker. I thought rich meant having a fence in front of your house. Jon is a wealthy man but there was no asking on my part."

Katz even brought a Cartier diamond and ruby ring (in the box) to show Adams, explaining Corzine gave it to her three months before they broke up and says that Corzine had proposed to her. And when Adams gets to the gritty details of why they broke up, it explanations are Corzine's kids didn't like her, maybe Corzine wanted to be single after a long marriage, and the rush to run for governor. Adams also notes Katz's credentials (educated, dedicated) and determines, "The lady has a shelf life."

Clearly, the Post had to put this on the cover because it had such a great headline. For your reading pleasure, read the Times article about Katz and Corzine from two weeks ago. And we think the last NJ-gubernatorial related NY Post cover was when the tabloid put Corzine's head on a crash test dummy after it turned out he didn't wear a seatbelt during a crash.