2007_04_corzcodey.jpgNJ Governor Jon Corzine has been moved from intensive care as his condition improved to stable. The governor continues in his second week of recovery after a car crash on the Garden State Parkway which revealed his SUV (a state trooper was driving) was going 91 MPH while Corzine was not wearing a seat belt in the front passenger seat. However, the governor's chief of staff Tom Shea said that Corzine will not be getting back to work any time soon, "The state is in very good hands with acting Gov. (Richard) Codey." Shea added, "[Corzine]'s not as grouchy as you might expect him to be."

Doctors had removed a feeding tube as well as ventilator tube and intravenous morphine earlier, but are looking for signs of infection (he's had three surgeries). The Star-Ledger reports that on the "injury severity scale (0-75; 0 is no injury and 75 is fatal), doctors had rated him as a 34 for his injuries - broken femur, broken collarbone, broken breastbone, broken vertebra, and 11 broken ribs. Two signs that Corzine is feeling better: He managed to bend his left knee 30 degrees and he ate a hamburger and chocolate milkshake yesterday.

It's still up in the air whether Corzine will move from Cooper University Hospital in southern NJ to an in-patient facility - or to the governor's mansion in Princeton or back to his home in Hoboken. Chances are he'll go to a facility near Trenton.

Photograph of Governor Corzine and Acting Governor Codey from Mel Evans/AP