2008_05_buckdog.jpgThe Star-Ledger reports that NJ Governor Jon Corzine will be sharing with the spotlight today with a 115-pound Doberman pinscher. The dog is Buck the Buckle-Up Dog, who helps remind children and adults alike to "Please Buckle-Up Evey Time You Ride."

Corzine was critically injured in a car accident last year when he failed to buckle up while sitting in the front passenger seat of his trooper-driven SUV. The governor's brush with death prompted him to note how lucky he was to be alive, film a PSA showing his crippled body, and promote stricter seat belt rules.

Corzine, Buck, and Division of Highway Traffic Safety Diector Pam Fischer will be visiting an elementary school to "announce a website to help teach kids about seat belts, booster seats and bicycle and pedestrian safety." No offense to the Corzine, but we bet Buck will steal the show--his hobbies include "chasing squirrels," "chewing bones," and "meeting new people"!