101308cpr.jpgExplosive accusations are being leveled against two NYPD cops, one active and one retired, who allegedly participated in at least 100 robberies of drug dealers, netting more than 100 kilos of coke. The duo are part of a crew that's been named in federal indictments in Brooklyn. The Daily News reports that the cops would change the collar brass on their uniforms to disguise their precincts when they kidnapped drug dealers and took them to "remote areas," where they'd torture them to find out where they were hiding their cash and drugs, which the crew would later resell. Two defendants who worked with the unidentified officers "applied a pair of pliers to one victim's testicles, threatening to squeeze the pliers if the victim did not talk." U.S. Attorney Andrea Goldbarg last month promised additional charges and the arrest of the two cops, who, apparently, have not yet been taken into custody.