Yesterday morning around 9 a.m., a fire swept through a three-story brownstone in Bedford Stuyvesant, injuring 12 residents (including five who had more critical injuries). Now a corrections officer has been arrested setting the blaze.

Yvette Randolph, 43, was charged with second-degree arson for the blaze that required over 100 firefighters to control. Apparently Randolph's ex-boyfriend had once lived in the building. According to DNAinfo, "Witnesses said they saw a suspicious person lurking near the building before the fire who had been at the building several times over the past month looking for a man who no longer lived there."

It's believed the fire was set with gasoline in the hall, possibly to trap residents. A witness said he saw Randolph walking out of the building in her Corrections uniform, "How could you come out of a house like that and you’re just walking around calm? I thought she was a security guard to be honest, that’s what really caught my eye because it looked like she was dressed for work coming out of an apartment building that was on fire."

Another witness told the Post, "I watched the firefighters resuscitating people right there on the ground. They were putting their own lives in jeopardy... [Firefighters] were even trying to save the animals"—a cat required oxygen and is expected to survive—"They were just running in there to save lives. You need a lot more people like that."