Three prison officials called it quits yesterday, months after they allowed several prisoners to hold religious parties and even let rapper Foxy Brown conduct an interview and photo shoot while still locked up. Chief of Department Carolyn Thomas, Assistant Chief of Special Operations Frank Squillante and warden of the Manhattan detention complex (aka the Tombs) George Okada all turned in their resignations yesterday. The President of the Correction Captains' Association, Patrick Ferraiuolo, expressed his enthusiasm for the resignations, "He allowed his deputy wardens to run his jails."

The scandal started after rapper Foxy Brown was allowed to conduct an interview and pose for a photo with XXL to promote her new album while at Riker's Island. When asked about her preferential treatment, one Corrections official said "We're required to allow inmates access to the media."

A month later, the drama continued as one inmate was allowed to throw his son's bar mitzvah in the "Tombs" (Manhattan Detention Complex), which you're not really supposed to do. Outside food was provided, and inmate's friends and relatives were even allowed to bring their cell phones into the jail! Rabbi Leib Glanz and Corrections Chief Peter Curico have already resigned amidst the scandal.

Ferraiuolo told the Daily News that the resignations were long overdue: "We've needed it for a long time. Morale has been very low."