A city correction officer has been suspended for 15 days and placed on modified duty with no inmate contact after she was busted bringing her cell phone to work to chat with her boyfriend—a Bloods member doing time at Rikers. Rosalyn Wilkes, 43, was charged with promoting prison contraband after taking her personal cell phone to jail, which is prohibited. She allegedly used the phone to talk to her boyfriend while she was working at the Tombs in Lower Manhattan, and even let other inmates use it to talk to him.

Wilkes's relationship with the inmate was discovered while she was working at Rikers, and she began taking her cell phone to work after she was transferred to the Tombs. Her boyfriend would call her on a land line at Rikers. Unsurprisingly all the conversations on that land line were recorded, and a few even caught her passing the phone to other inmates.

However, Wilkes says she knew the guy before he went to Rikers and that she had permission to talk to him. She said, "I have two documents that are signed, giving me permission to talk to said individual...I was already suspended for my cell phone prior to this. Now they come around and come after me again." She faces up to seven years in prison if convicted on what she calls "phony charges" (we're assuming pun intended).