This is our daily update of breaking COVID-19 news for Monday, February 1, 2021. Previous daily updates can be found here, and up-to-date statistics are here.

New York City is in Phase 4 of reopening now, which includes zoos, botanical gardens, museums, and gyms. Citing rising hospitalization rates, Governor Andrew Cuomo suspended indoor dining in NYC starting December 14th, but it's slated to return with limited capacity on Valentine's Day.

After being shut down for several weeks, NYC public schools partially reopened on December 7th for 3K-5th grade students, with students with special needs returning on December 10th.

Get answers to questions you may have with our "Ask An Epidemiologist" series, or learn more about NYC COVID-19 testing options with our explainer. Here are some local and state hotlines for more information: NYC: 311; NY State Hotline: 888-364-3065; NJ State Hotline: 800-222-1222.

Here's the latest:

10:30 a.m.: State funds to distribute and administer the COVID-19 vaccine were hindered by top Trump administration officials who pressed Congress to deny local government aid ahead of the vaccine rollout, according to a report in STAT News.

Regional leaders had for months railed against the Trump administration for failing to provide adequate COVID-19 relief to cities and states, which were hamstrung in New York by a massive budget deficit. In October, the National Governors Association, chaired by Governor Andrew Cuomo, warned the feds that states would be “hampered” from adequately running vaccine programs without more money.

But instead, STAT News reports that the former deputy chief of staff for policy at the Department of Health and Human Services, Paul Mango, argued states hadn’t spent $200 million from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by October—the month after the aid was announced and two months before vaccine distribution even began. Mango also faulted the states for their lack of tax revenue due to lockdown orders and public health restrictions to keep the virus from spreading.

The city and state got $1.6 billion from the latest coronavirus relief deal for testing, tracing, and vaccine efforts. But the vaccine program in New York, which began December 14th, has had a rough go. A trickle of supplies from the federal government has led to thousands of rescheduled appointments, and data released Sunday reveals Black and Latino residents are receiving a third of the doses compared to white people.

While the vaccine program continues, the coronavirus and its variants are still spreading in NYC. Only the U.K. variant has been tracked in New York state, and on Sunday, state Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker said the state tests about 700 samples for the strains per week.

More than 27,000 people have died from the virus in NYC. The FDNY announced on Sunday that a firefighter, Joseph A. Ferrugia, 61, died from COVID-19. Ferrugia—who was a first responder following the 9/11 attacks at the World Trade Center—became the 13th FDNY member to die from coronavirus. He was the first active FDNY firefighter killed by the pandemic.

“This horrific illness has taken far too many lives, and now it has killed a man who bravely served New Yorkers for three decades,” Fire Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro said in a statement.