According to NYPD statistics, Corona wins as drunkest neighborhood in New York, with 257 drunk driving arrests in the 115th Precinct so far this year. Elmhurst's 110th Precinct came in second place, with 167 arrests. Both neighborhoods are seriously under served by mass transit and yellow cabs, making DWIs all the more likely.

Over 100 "impact" cops have been assigned to the area, and since street crime is low they can focus their efforts on drunk drivers. One police spokesman told the Post, "Impact cops on foot posts are making . . . arrests. They'll see a guy at a traffic light nodding off, walk over, smell he's been drinking and make an arrest." Neighborhood mainline Roosevelt Avenue has about 80 bars, and one local beauty shop owner said, "The reason why you have a lot of drunk driving around here is because you have a lot of bars."

Neighborhoods like the West Village and the Lower East Side had some of the lowest DWI arrest numbers, but saw the highest increases. (Though who brings a car to the LES on a Saturday night?) Overall, DWI arrests are up 93.4% since 2001. A police spokesman said, "It's being given more attention."