It's Operation Ivy League Part 2! A Cornell University senior has been arrested after police found her with a Tupperware container with six ounces of uncut heroin, worth about $150,000. Keri Lynn Blakinger, 26, was arrested in the parking lot of Ithaca's Hillside Inn, and Deputy Ithaca Police Chief John Barber said, "The preliminary weight of the heroin indicates it may be the second largest seizure of the drug by the Ithaca Police Department since September of 2008." She was also described as "not acting right." Was she peeing in bottles too?

In related drug bust news, a Thai woman was arrested was found to have swallowed 1,280 ecstasy pills ($50,000 worth) wrapped in plastic during a body search at Bali's international airport, and due to Indonesia's tough drug laws could face death by firing squad. Officials say 24-year-old Sophawat Ueamduean was nervous and was found to have a "hard stomach" during a body exam. Just a reminder to keep the pounds on when you fly, because if you're too cut you could be mistaken for a drug smuggler.