And then there were four. Though seven schools eventually submitted proposals for the high-tech college that Mayor Bloomberg is keen to throw free real estate and $100 million in infrastructure help at, hizzoner says he has already ruled out three of them. And while those schools have been informed they are out of the running, the apparently bored Bloomberg seems to think it is fun to not tell the rest of us. At least we know two of the four?

"Stanford is desperate to do it—I’m not exaggerating," Bloomberg said at an event last night. "Cornell is desperate to do it. I'm not exaggerating there."

That either of those schools is keen on the idea is not really a surprise considering the thought and planning that clearly went into their proposals, but the remaining two schools? We suspect—but have nothing but our gut to go on here—that the city has probably dropped India's Amity University (since it was the only totally international school and the only one interested in Governor's Island) and Carnegie Mellon (since its plan was smaller in scale and was the only one to pick the Brooklyn Navy Yard).

Which leaves Columbia's proposal to keep doing its Manhattanville expansion (yawn), NYU's downtown Brooklyn proposal (as if they don't have enough real estate in the city!) and Rockefeller University's Midtown proposal. According to Bloomberg "we're working with the last four. We can go back and try to renegotiate with each one." We'd certainly hope so. Still, considering he bothered to name them in public, our money is on the Cornell or Stanford taking home the prize.