Police say that a woman was raped inside her Upper East Side apartment on East 90th Street by a suspect who broke through a window. The incident occurred at 5:17 a.m. and WABC 7 reports, "The victim tells the police she woke up while she was being raped. Her attacker then ran out the front door. She chased him as far as the front doorway, but the rapist got away."

According to the Post, "The metal gate on the ground floor apartment was open this morning and a removable screen was lying in front of the window." The building's super also said the victim, a 27-year-old woman, was heard screaming the hall and was found without any underwear on.

One neighbor told WABC 7, "The [suspect] had to be very bold and desperate," and another said to the Post, "There were people acting up here last night. This is not good." Police were seen dusting around the victim's apartment. The suspect is described as a Hispanic man, around 5'7", who was wearing a white shirt and black pants. And the cops say the incident does not fit a crime pattern (as in, it doesn't seem to be connected to the series of gropings, most on the UES, that have worried women).