The NYPD has been watching social media pretty closely lately, but that didn't stop several members of the Crips gang in Brooklyn from using the sites to spread the word about a "Crips Holiday" that was going to happen in East Flatbush yesterday.

Authorities say that prior to Wednesday, several members used Twitter and other sites to tell fellow Crips about the gathering at Amersfort Park. Acting on a tip, police from the 63rd Precinct and other law enforcement agents descended on the park shortly after 7 pm.

The cops weren't sure as to what was planned for the gathering, but allow us to guess: Maybe some "pin the tail on the guy with the longest rap sheet?" Or perhaps just a modified version of "duck, duck goose," titled "duck, duck, no seriously, duck, you better duck right now!"

Alas, we'll never know. When the cops ordered the alleged gang members to leave, they refused, and so over 50 of them were arrested. A gun was discovered after police searched the grounds, so it made it worthwhile to the authorities. "The potential for danger was there," said one cop to The Daily News.