It's the end of the month, which means it's time for the NYPD to get cracking on filling those ticket quotas which have been lying around all month. Can't just keep going after dead people, sometimes you gotta get them while they're still breathing! To that end, a reader wrote us that cops have been pulling over cars on the Williamsburg Bridge for the past two days to give tickets to people with tinted windshields. Read his account below:

Cops set up a blockade yesterday evening and this morning waving over every car with tinted windows. They'll ask you to roll up your front window half way and stick a meter on it.

In NYS front window can only be tinted to 70%, which is almost nothing. The stock tints on SUVs and minivans is around 20%. If you have that on the front windows you'll get a ticket. My car came with tints, passed inspection and I got the ticket. Looked it up online and there's no getting out of it. In some cases they give tickets for every window so be nice, but I think those back window tickets may be legal. I have rear tints too but they said "we wont ticket you for those" cuz I we're being nice. Either way if you have tinted windows avoid the Wburg bridge.

They use the tint-o-meter. It's not a standard ticket but you have to send a copy of a receipt showing it's been removed within 10 days or you pay a huge fine. I think $90 per window plus $50 "surcharge" per ticket. I got 1 ticket for 2 windows, but I've heard some people getting a separate ticket for each one.

I'm taking the Manhattan Bridge home today. I think TLC is exempt from this.

The reader admits the windows of his Jeep Cherokee do look "quite dark," but in the past, police have called the offense "a safety violation," because eye contact between motorists or between a police officer and a motorist "is paramount." However, you can receive a medical exemption from the NY tint laws, if applicable—check out more info from the DMV here. Call us cynical, but there's also the possibility that cops are using the tinted windshields as an excuse to go fishing for other violations.