Sad story: The Post reports that the NYPD heartlessly chucked a seven-pound miniature Doberman-Pomeranian mix named Chuwie out the third-floor window of a Bronx family apartment that was the scene of a botched drug raid. As if the NYPD's reputation needed more bruising!

According to Iris Ramos, who owns the apartment, the cops busted in before 7 a.m. in October of last year, pointing guns at her daughter's terrified toddlers and looking for Ramos's "troubled" son, who was not there. Five-year-old Chuwie began barking, prompting a cop to "backhand" the pup across the room and out the window, to a 25-foot drop below. It wasn't until another detective interrupted the interrogation of Ramos's son-in-law with a frightened Chuwie in hand that the terrified family noticed he had been thrown out the window. “How could a police officer do that to a tiny dog?’’ asked Ramos.

Ramos is suing the city and NYPD for unspecified damages, plus $300 in vet bills. The lawsuit also mentions false arrests—Ramos's brother, daughter, son-in-law and niece were arrested for drug possession and then the charges were dropped— and claims $1,200 in cash, a gold bracelet and several documents were missing after the raid. The family says that Chuwie "couldn’t eat for days after the raid and is scared to leap off the couch," and was only spared from certain doom by barely missing a concrete area below the window and landing on the lawn instead.

So, does the NYPD hate dogs, or is this just the latest in a series of extremely unfortunate dog-related incidents in which the fuzz display a stunning lack of concern for our four-legged friends?