A Bronx renter stabbed his landlord to death after an argument about a spare mattress on Tuesday, according to police. The brutal crime occurred after suspect Omari Richards, 26, got into an argument with his landlord's fiancee over a spare mattress, the Daily News reports. Apparently, when the woman told Richards he couldn't use the spare bed because she needed it for her son, the suspect got angry and started shouting. "I heard [him] saying, 'She's a f------ liar,'" the fiancee said.

When the landlord, George Shim, 37, returned to his East 222nd Street home at around 2:15 am, his girlfriend and the tenant were still arguing, so he rushed downstairs to confront the renter. When he reached the basement, Richards allegedly stabbed Shim with a kitchen knife. "He was running back up the stairs. I saw the knife sticking out," said Shim's fiancee, who declined to give her name. "He collapsed right on the steps."