As the investigation continues into the car bomb left in Times Square on Saturday night, the police have spoken to the owner of the Nissan Pathfinder which contained the bomb made out of propane tanks, gasoline containers, M88s firecrackers, and non-explosive fertilizer. However, it's unclear if the 1993 SUV's owner is a suspect (at least according to the Post; the Times "says the owner isn't) and the NYPD did not release any details about the individual.

The Connecticut license plates on the SUV matched a Ford; according to WFSB, "The investigation led agents to a scrapyard in Stratford and a shoreline car dealership. Police said the Pathfinder could have been sold from Thomas Anthony Auto in Bridgeport at some point. The SUV's vehicle identification number led officials to the dealership... Police were also at Kramer's scrapyard in Stratford in a search to hunt down the license plates, which they said came off a pickup truck."

Kramer's owner Wayne LeBlanc was sleeping when the cops came knocking at his door 3 a.m. yesterday, "They said it was an urgent matter. I watch 'NCIS,' but I'm not used to door knocks on my own house." He said that the Ford pickup was brought in for repairs a few weeks ago and it's hard to keep thieves out of his scrapyard, adding, "In my business never know who you're dealing with. You like to think you're not dealing with terrorists." However, the News says authorities are skeptical that Kramer doesn't know how the license plate ended up on the Nissan; a source said, "Repair shops know they will get hammered if a plate goes missing from a car they are responsible for. The shop, the plate and the owner of the Pathfinder are all very much under investigation."

The police released video of a "person of interest" who was caught on video looking around in a "furtive" manner near the SUV, which was parked on West 45th Street. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said that he was optimistic about the investigation and said that there were already some "good leads."